Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
January 2017
1     New Year's Day!
5     Board Meeting Cancelled
8     Workshop
17      Program Meeting
18-22  Field Trip to Quartzsite, AZ
Information          QRGMC Field Trips
Overview of Shows
29    Show Planning Meeting

February 2017
2        Board Meeting
12      Workshop
18 - 18 Field Trip
21     Program Meeting

March 2017
2     Board Meeting
5     Workshop
11 - 12  Annual Show
18 - 19 Field Trip
- Lavic Siding
Information  Map   Video Trip Report  
21   Program Meeting

April 2017
6       Board Meeting
9     Workshop
New Member Orientation
18     Program Meeting
29 - 30  Field Trip to Stoddard Wells
Information     Map   Directions

May 2017
4       Board Meeting
7       Workshop
16     Program Meeting
27 - 28 Field Trip to Kramer Junction
Information, Map & Directions

June 2017
Food Drive For Friends In Deed Pantry
How you can help!
1        Board Meeting
9 - 11 AFMS/CFMS Convention and
Show in Ventura, CA
11    Workshop
20     Program Meeting
24     Day Trip to Brown Butte  
CANCELED (Extreme Heat)
25   5th Annual PLS Annual Picnic
at Arcadia Park. 10am - 3pm

July 2017
6     Board Meeting
8     Field Trip to BH Beads
Details in your Bulletin!
9    Workshop
18    Program Meeting
22-23  PLS Rock Sale
August 2017
3    Board Meeting
13  Workshop      
15  Program Meeting
26     Field Trip to the San Bernardino
County Museum   
Details   Updates

September 2017
7     Board Meeting
10     Workshop
19      Program Meeting, 2018 Officer  
23     Field Trip to Big  Bear area
Details   Report

October 2017
5     Board Meeting
8    Workshop
14 - 15   Field Trip to Searles Lake
Information and Maps
24   Program Meeting
28   Jewel Tunnel Field Trip

November 2017
Food Drive For Friends In Deed Pantry
Food Drive Details
2     Board Meeting
4 - 5   Field Trip to Whittier Claim
and Barstow Area
Information and Maps
12   Workshop
Officer Elections & Program
23 - 26  Field Trip to Afton Canyon

December 2017
Food Drive For Friends In Deed Pantry
Food Drive Details
7      Board Meeting
9    Installation Meeting and Annual
Pot-Luck Dinner    
Final Food Dive Collection
10    Workshop
TBD Field Trip / Day Trip

January 2018
1    New Year's Day!
4        Board Meeting
14      Workshop
TBD      Field Trip Planning Meeting
Time & Location TBA
16      Program Meeting
17 - 21  Field Trip to Quartzsite, AZ
QRGMC Field Trips
Overview of Quartzsite Shows
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena, California
           Field Trips
Would you like to host or lead a
club Field Trip?  
Click Here to start
the discussion!
Speaking at the Program Meeting
Would you like to be a speaker at
our Program Meeting?  
Click Here
to contact our Program Chair.
Field Trips listed on this site
are subject to change. For
detailed information about a
planned field trip, and any  
material to be collected, send
an email to the Field Trip
Leader here  
Click Here.  

Remember to always let the
field trip leader know that you
are planning to attend the trip
so you can be notified of
changes, cancellations,
meeting places and trip
leader cell phone numbers.

Board and PLS Committee
meetings meet at locations
determined by the respective
chairpersons. Refer to the
committee chairs for the
location of scheduled meetings.
If you have
questions, or wish
information about
an item on the
calendar, click on
the logo above.
Our Annual Show is
held on the second
Saturday of March and
the following Sunday.

The 2018 date is:
March 10th & 11th

Click on the logo below
for information about
the show or to inquire
about being a dealer at
the show.
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